Amazon Q AI Chatbot Could be Experiencing a Mental Health Challenge

Amazon Q AI Chatbot Could be Experiencing a Mental Health Challenge
  • Last week, Amazon Web Services revealed Q, their business-focused generative AI chatbot.
  • According to Platformer, Amazon employees claim the chatbot is leaking sensitive information.
  • The creators developed Q as a more dependable alternative to consumer-oriented AI chatbots.

Amazon’s Q, the AI chatbot for workers announced by its cloud business on Tuesday, looks to have a few flaws.

Leaked internal communications reveal that Q is sharing confidential information through internal channels.

The bot is having severe hallucinations. It confidently spews out falsehoods as if they were facts.

Platformer said that Q has been giving wrong legal advice in a company Slack channel. The bot has sent harmful or inappropriate comments that could affect customer accounts.

A manager on Platformer’s AWS team told us not to discuss Q’s hallucinations on Slack. The manager described the hallucinations as “broad and egregious.”

Amazon assured Business Insider that it had found no security vulnerabilities with Q.

The firm said they appreciate the feedback and will make Q better as it becomes available.

It is not unusual for generative AI chatbots to fail.

Sydney, Microsoft’s AI assistant, gained popularity for experiencing its own hallucinations. Businesses were supposed to choose the bot as a safer option, which made Q’s mistakes even funnier.

Q was made to help workers with different tasks. It can write emails, summarize reports, troubleshoot, research, and code. Amazon wrote a blog post about Q to help users find answers easily.

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Amazon Q Price

There are two main pricing components for Amazon Q:

  • $250/month base fee to enable Q for your account.
  • $0.14/hour per 20K documents to index your business knowledge.

Additionally, there may be other charges depending on your specific usage.

What is Q in Amazon QuickSight?

Q in Amazon QuickSight is a natural language query tool that uses machine learning to help you explore your data and get insights without writing SQL.

What is the AI of Amazon?

Amazon AI is a suite of cloud-based AI services offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). It provides various machine learning and deep learning tools to developers and businesses.

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