Netflix Revealed Most-Watched Show, Featuring a Drama Viewers Have Spent a Collective 812 Million Hours Watching

Netflix Revealed Most-Watched Show, Featuring a Drama Viewers Have Spent a Collective 812 Million Hours Watching

Netflix has revealed the name of its most-watched show for the first time, and it includes a drama that viewers have spent more than 1,000 lifetimes’ worth of viewing. The streaming service made the announcement following long-standing criticism of its lack of transparency about its content performance.

They stated that they would publish “comprehensive viewing information” twice a year to let their customers know what they are watching. The first report, released on Tuesday, December 13, included data on more than 18,000 shows and the viewing habits of audiences for over 100 billion hours.

The political thriller “The Night Agent” became the most-watched show globally on Netflix in the first quarter of 2023 with 812 million hours. The average human lifespan is 692,040 hours, meaning fans of the series have collectively spent the equivalent of 1,173 lifetimes watching it.

Some TV enthusiasts expressed astonishment at its top-ranking status, questioning, “Has anyone even seen it?”

1. The Night Agent

The 812 million hours spent by viewers on “The Night Agent” in its first season are comparable to the time spent on its previous season, which was released on March 23. The second season of “Ginny & Georgia” took the next spot on the most-watched show league table, garnering 665 million hours six months after the show’s release.

The Night Agent is Netflix most-watched show of the year (Netflix)
The Night Agent is Netflix’s most-watched show of the year. (Image: Netflix)

2. Ginny & Georgia

“The South Korean thriller ‘The Glory’ has clocked an impressive 622.8 million hours of viewership, securing the fourth spot in the rankings for the most-watched show, while the Adams Family spin-off garnered 507.7 million hours on Wednesday, holding the top spot.

Bridgerton’s spin-off ‘Queen Charlotte’ made it into the top five, capturing 503 million hours of viewership. Meanwhile, the six-part documentary series exploring Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s lives outside the royal circle collectively amassed 62 million hours.

Netflix’s report reveals the audience’s streaming preferences from January to June, shedding light on the most-watched content during this period.

On Tuesday, Netflix’s Co-CEO Ted Sarandos acknowledged that the company’s “data scarcity and lack of transparency” have contributed to an atmosphere of “distrust” in the entertainment industry.

‘Ginny & Georgia’ was the second most-watchd Netflix title from January to June (Netflix)
‘Ginny & Georgia’ was the second most-watched Netflix title from January to June. (Image: Netflix)

Their acceptance statement this year has been impacted by a central issue of transparency during the onslaught of attacks on streaming services, causing a hiccup in Hollywood. Writers and actors advocated for better royalties when their shows performed well on streaming services, much like they did on traditional television networks.

Sarandos commented, “In the early days, being so transparent wasn’t really in our best interest because we were building a new business and needed space to learn.”

Executives also suggested that Netflix enjoyed not knowing the creators of their hit titles in the beginning, as it reduced the pressure of quickly worrying about rating results.

Netflix's most watched league table to be published twice a year (Netflix)
Netflix’s most watched league table to be published twice a year. (Image: Netflix)

But just last month, Netflix axed five shows – Shadows and Bone, Agent Elvis, Captain Fall, Glamorous, and Farzaar – all of which were left with open-ended conclusions.

Sarandos said, ‘The unintended consequence of not having more transparent data about our viewership was that an atmosphere of mistrust developed over time between producers and creators about what was happening on Netflix.’

He also mentioned, ‘By sharing the data we use to run our business, we hope to create a more positive environment for those connected with the company.

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