Discovery Season 5 Release Date Confirms 2024 With A Twist On An Old Star Trek Trope

Discovery Season 5 Release Date Confirms 2024 With A Twist On An Old Star Trek Trope

Star Trek: Discovery Season 5 will have its last season in March 2024. The season comes after a two-year break and almost seven years since it first aired in 2017. Paramount+ shared a clip at CCXP in São Paulo, Brazil, announcing the release date. The clip introduces a new idea for a classic Trek story.

In the new clip, Book and Captain Michael Burnham race against time. They try to understand the ancient writing on a rock. Johnathan Frakes says the new season of Discovery is a “galaxy-wide treasure hunt.” We don’t know the details yet, but a July clip showed mercenaries willing to break their ship to keep a secret.

Giant alien creatures hinder Burnham and Book’s investigation in the new clip. (Are they monsters?) that can also hide themselves. The idea of a cloaking device that can make things invisible came from Star Trek. It was first shown in an episode called “Balance of Terror” on December 15, 1966. These new aliens have a biological capacity to conceal, unlike traditional cloaking technology.

Except for the reunion of Book and Burnham, we don’t receive many hints about the real plot of Discovery Season 5. Yet, this new footage proves that this season will indeed be action-packed, as promised. DISCO, one of the Star Trek TV shows after 2017, always prioritizes action. It seems that Season 5 of the show will stick to what works, with some old Trek cliches added.

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Star Trek Discovery Season 5 Release Date

CBS Studios and Paramount+ announced that the fifth season of Star Trek: Discovery will premiere in April 2024. The exact date is not yet determined. As of this writing, Discovery Season 5 is projected to air in 2024 as the only live-action Star Trek series. And, as has been widely reported, this season will serve as the series’ end. Does this imply that we may expect a slew of references and cameos from the past four seasons? Spock believes there are many possibilities for Discovery Season 5 due to our limited knowledge.

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