The party-line vote for the impeachment inquiry against President Biden has been greenlit

The party-line vote for the impeachment inquiry against President Biden has been greenlit

On Wednesday evening, the 221-212 party-line vote officially pushed forward the impeachment inquiry against President Biden. Even Speaker Mike Johnson, R-LA, clarified that it doesn’t necessarily mean that actual impeachment is inevitable.

Johnson told reporters on Tuesday before the vote, ‘We can’t speculate on the outcome because we just can’t. This is not a political calculation. We are following the law, and I will stand by the law team.’

As CNN reports, ‘Since former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy initiated the inquiry in September, committees leading the investigation have interviewed various officials from the Department of Justice and the Internal Revenue Service, obtaining numerous documents and new bank records, including those from members of the Biden family.’ The latest twist involves President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, expressing a willingness to publicly testify as part of his father’s investigation after refusing a summons from Republican investigators to appear before a closed-door session.

Immediately after today’s public vote, President Biden addressed the situation, saying, ‘Instead of doing anything to help make Americans’ lives better, they are focusing on attacking me with lies. They prefer wasting time on this baseless political stunt, acknowledged by Republicans in Congress as not supported by facts.’

House Freedom Caucus member, Republican Representative Byron Donalds, issued a statement on the investigation, expressing confidence that evidence of Biden’s alleged wrongdoing will come to light.

‘I think there is a lot of evidence. We are tying all of this together. So I think there’s a good chance we are moving towards impeachment, but we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves. We want the evidence to speak for itself,’ Donalds told CNN’s Manu Raju.

Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy initiated the impeachment inquiry against President Biden in September in an effort to determine whether he was involved in Hunter’s foreign business dealings. As reported by CNN, ‘Last week, a document was released by the House Oversight Panel that showed payment to Biden from his commercial unit, Owasco PC, when he was not in the office, but he left out the proof that the President’s son was covering for him for one car.’ They are also concerned about President Biden’s brother, James Biden, having two personal checks, which appear to be only for loan repayments. Nevertheless, it has provided plenty for the GOP to seize upon.

‘We are very pleased with today’s vote. I think it sends a clear message to the White House,’ said House Oversight Chairman James Comer.

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