How CBD Oil Can Benefit Patients of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder?

Usually, posttraumatic stress disorder is commonly known as PTSD and often will be recognized as psychiatric disorder. This problem occurs due to stress, which is because of any traumatic events that took place in the past can also be life-threatening.

PTSD has nowadays become more common because of increased incident of terrorism, and crimes etc. Usually, women are more susceptible to develop PTSD in comparison to men.

Development of PTSD may also depend upon the severity of trauma faced, other stresses in life and family history etc. Few common symptoms may include certain distressing dreams, difficulty in sleeping, irritability, feelings of detachment and increased vigilance etc.

Can CBD oil help for PTSD?

As we know CBD has got anti-depressant, stress alleviating, anxiolytic properties and that can interact with our endocannabinoid system, so quite likely that CBD can help PTSD patients. Following are few reasons why you may use CBD oil tincture whenever a patient displays PTSD symptoms. You can obtain this online from

  1. CBD can interact indirectly with our endocannabinoid system

You must be aware that our endocannabinoid as well as endocannabinoid receptors can always play a very important role, so far as regulating our stress response and also fear extinction is concerned.

CBD is able to affect indirectly on this system, as a result, it can increase the concentration of number of endogenous cannabinoids. As a result, CBD can always prove to be really a novel therapy and treatment for these unfortunate cases of people suffering from PTSD.

  1. CBD oil has got anti-depressant properties

Most of the medical practitioners usually tend to prescribe these patients who are victim of this unfortunate posttraumatic stress disorder, certain anti-depressant medications, in order to alleviate them from various depressive thoughts and anxiety etc.

Medical researchers have already found that CBD has got that kind of anti-depressant like properties. Hence, possibilities are very high that CBD can help these patients to cope with all such symptoms in more natural way.

  1. CBD oil can alleviate insomnia and anxiety

For most of the PTSD patients, anxiety, stress along with insomnia usually is the major issues that they face in this condition. So far it has been seen that CBD oil is quite effective in offering great relief from various kinds of stresses, anxious thoughts as well as insomnia.

Therefore, patients who are suffering from PTSD can surely benefit from this property of CBD.

  1. CBD oil has also got anti-epileptic properties

Medical professionals have already observed that with the help of certain anti-epilepsy drugs, patients have got relief and found to be quite useful for patients of PTSD. Also, CBD is quite well known and FDA too has recognized it as a potent medicine and anti-epileptic agent. Hence indirectly it can also be helpful to combat PTSD.


PTSD is nowadays becoming very common because of increased cases of crime, terrorism, family problem and sexual abuse etc. Drugs prescribed for the patients are anti-depressants, and anxiolytics, etc. Their long-term use can result in various side effects and CBD can surely be a better alternate.