Chicago Bears Equipment Director Tony Medlin Honored by Callahan Foundation

Chicago Bears Equipment Director Tony Medlin Honored by Callahan Foundation

Longtime Chicago Bears equipment director Tony Medlin was awarded the prestigious “Give a Hand Out to Give a Hand Up” Athletic Award by the Callahan Foundation on Saturday night.

Medlin was one of three individuals honored at the organization’s 15th annual scholarship benefit gala at Tinley Park. The others were U.S. Representative Robin Kelly and Pastor Reginald W. Sharp Jr.

“I’m humbled,” Medlin said. “There are so many people involved that make these moments possible. I’m grateful to the McCaskey family and the Chicago Bears for giving me the opportunity to do the things I do. It’s very rewarding. It just keeps reminding me how much people appreciate what we do.”

Chicago Bears chairman George H. McCaskey attended the event to support Medlin.

The Callahan Foundation was founded in 2009 with the mission of giving a helping hand through scholarship awards, college mentorship, and community outreach. Medlin and the two other award recipients were recognized because they exemplified the foundation’s mission.

Medlin joined the Bears in 1987 and has led the equipment department since 1997. He is responsible for coordinating all team equipment operations, including logistics, purchasing, and inventory, for all players, coaches, and staff.

Medlin also leads the Bears’ annual coat drive. The coat drive was started in 1989 by Medlin’s predecessor, Gary Hager, and the equipment department. After taking over for Hager in 1997, Medlin was determined to continue the initiative. Every year, thousands of new and gently used coats are donated and then distributed to people in need throughout the Chicago area.

A distinguished employee, Medlin won the Virginia McCaskey Award in 2017. This prestigious honor is given to the Bears employee who has demonstrated the characteristics and values of Mrs. McCaskey: grace, humility, loyalty, and dedication. The winner is the individual who not only exceeds the highest standards of achievement but whose work sets them apart from their peers.

Tony Medlin, Chicago Bears Equipment Director, Honored for His Community Service

Tony Medlin, the longtime equipment director for the Chicago Bears, was recently honored by the Callahan Foundation for his community service. The foundation gives out awards to individuals who have made a significant impact on their community.

Medlin has been with the Bears since 1987 and has been in charge of the equipment department since 1997. In that time, he has led the team’s annual coat drive, which has donated thousands of coats to people in need in the Chicago area. He has also been a mentor to young people through the Bears’ youth programs.

Medlin was humbled by the award and said that he was grateful for the opportunity to give back to the community. He said that he is inspired by the work of the Callahan Foundation and is committed to continuing to help others.

In addition to the Callahan Foundation award, Medlin has also been recognized by the Bears for his community service. In 2017, he was awarded the Virginia McCaskey Award, which is given to the Bears employee who best exemplifies the values of Mrs. McCaskey.

Medlin is a true role model for the community, and his work is an inspiration to us all.

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